[OU] How to retrieve Opera lost bookmarks?

Dave Barton bmcs at myrealbox.com
Wed Jun 18 00:25:00 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 07:04, Gil wrote:
> How can I regain all of my Opera 7.11 bookmarks 
> which have disappeared  after a reinstallation of 
> windows.
> BACKGROUND: I recently had to reinstall windows . I 
> saved all my files , including Opera 7, to a backup drive 
> and then copied them back onto my hard drive after 
> the fresh install of windows.
> PROBLEM: Upon launching Opera 7.11 and the  
> bookmarks I've made the unpleasant discovery that all 
> my bookmarks have disappeared!! Opera served up 
> the default bookmark file that came with the download.  
> I had over a 600  individual files sorted in at least 24 
> folders. I don't understand where they might have 
> disappeared to but hopefully someone can suggest a 
> method by which I can force  Opera to find them. 
> REQUEST: What is the extension for the bookmarks 
> and/or how can one induce Opera to search for my lost 
> bookmarks and display them along with the folders?
> Any help or suggestions would be desperately 
> appreciated. 
> gil

The extension for the bookmark file is "adr". Look for the files named
"opera6.adr" or "operadef6.adr" in either the Opera installation
directory or your Windows "profile" directory.

When you find either or both of these files, replace them (by
overwriting or delete + rename) with the backup copy of your original
".adr" file.



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