[opera-users] Could Not Locate Remote Server

Cam Morton camm at worldgate.com
Thu May 31 17:22:11 UTC 2001

  Axel Siebert  wrote in response to David Barton, who has been getting
the "Could Not Locate Remote Server" message:
 >it is not an Opera problem, but a general Windows issue.
 >It is not Opera that activates DUN in the first place. It
 >only issues a connection request, and then Windows decides to open the DUN.
 >If you cancel it, it remembers that and doesn't respond to connection
 >requests of the same program anymore. The file which is responsible for all
 >that is the WININET.DLL in your windows system directory. <snip>

I don't know what DUN is.  But I sure know that "Could not locate remote 
server" message.
I started using Opera 5 a few months ago, loved it, made it my default 
browser, and a few days later
started getting that message every time I tried to use it. Upgraded to the 
latest 5.11 (installing over the previous version and without replacing the 
prior Java) and have the same problem.
I have had to revert to Netscape. Surely that is punishment enough for my 
Can someone bail me out here?
Cam Morton
cammm at worldgate.com (lose one of the m's to make it right)
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