[Opera-users] Could Not Locate Remote Server

Robert Carnegie user.robertc at operamail.com
Tue Jun 5 12:57:02 UTC 2001

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>Subject: Re: [Opera-users] Could Not Locate Remote Server
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>27.05.01 04:39:27, "David Barton" <bmcs at ozemail.com.au> wrote:
>>Situation: While off-line I click on a link and Opera activates DUN and I
>>cancel the dial-up to my ISP.
>>Problem: I cannot then activate my DUN from within Opera without closing
>>and restarting Opera.
>>Other than by activating DUN from outside of Opera (eg. DUN control or
>>another application), does anyone know if it is possible to configure Opera
>>to reactivate DUN, instead of the erroneous "Could Not Locate Remote
>>Server" message.
>That isn't possible, because it is not an Opera problem, but a general
>Windows issue. It is not Opera that activates DUN in the first place. It
>only issues a connection request, and then Windows decides to open the DUN.
>If you cancel it, it remembers that and doesn't respond to connection
>requests of the same program anymore. The file which is responsible for all
>that is the WININET.DLL in your windows system directory. It has a flag for
>every process running, telling if it should fire up the DUN or not. The
>process has no chance of reverting that flag once it has been changed by
>cancelling a dial-up. That's why you will experience the same problem with
>any program, Netscape or whatever, there's nothing Opera can do about it.

Coming to this late, and without trying it out - but what happens if
you have DUN set not to connect until you actually click "Connect",
but you don't click "Connect" _or_ "Cancel" - you just Alt+Tab from
the DUN control dialog box back to Opera, leaving DUN hanging around
in the background?

Then, all you have to do when you do want to go online is to Alt+Tab
back to the DUN dialog and click "Connect" - surely.

Alternatively, you could use Opera with one of a few third-party
proxy server / cache products for your PC.  Then Opera doesn't talk
to DUN at _all_ - instead, Opera talks to the proxy server, and
the proxy server talks to DUN.  I think.  For instance, there's the
free downloadable program at www.junkbusters.com.

I think you could also arrange that when your PC is briefly idle
(a minute or so), then the proxy server program will be closed down
and then restarted.  I don't know if this actually will allow the
proxy server to start DUN on demand after you've previously cancelled
DUN during an Opera session, but it may be worth trying, to get
the browsing experience that you want.

I have to admit that I'm not sure of my facts here.

Robert Carnegie
Glasgow, Scotland

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