[Opera-linux] The road ahead: features in linux vs. ms win client

Håvard Dahle opera-linux@opera.com
Tue, 29 May 2001 11:46:39 +0200

Hey to all.
One can easily see that Opera for linux has gained popularity of late by
considering the level of "technicality" of the submissions to the list. IMO, 
one can feel the user mass slowly phasing from the more technically apt to the 
"ordinary" user, as with any product going stable after betas. 
This is good, because it indicates that Opera is gaining acceptance.

It also may be somewhat of a problem, as I see it. The linux client still lacks
some of the "features" that the MSWindows client has (integrated email and news
client, instant messaging). I sincerely hope that it stays that way, but I
expect Opera Software to work towards uniformity across platforms, i.e. 
implementing the same features in all clients.

What I would like to ask the Opera engineers is this: are there any official 
road maps of some kind, or is this kind of planning internal only? Does Opera 
Software accept some kind of public debate on this, or is all planning on this 
matter outside the end-user realm?
The point is, if I could have any kind of influence in this, I would urge Opera
engineers to keep Opera clients as unbloated as possible. IMO, the MSWin client
has gone too far, but I hope the linux client keeps its features "browsing-
oriented", and not "everything-oriented".

Comments from the Opera team would be highly appreciated.

Håvard Dahle